INSPIRE Grant Application
NIMS, Gene Haas Foundation, and Edge Factor have partnered to launch a new INSPIRE Grant Program to support schools and training centers across North America, with funds to purchase eduFACTOR memberships. The grant will equip educators with tools that inspire students to pursue career and technical education and advanced manufacturing careers.

With this grant, up to 500 schools will receive access to a level 3 eduFACTOR membership at a reduced rate. Based on Edge Factor’s cinematic films, eduFACTOR provides a library of accompanying media and interactive resources for educators and business leaders to use in classrooms and at events.

eduFACTOR includes technology and career pathway videos, CNC and 3D printing projects, event kits, virtual field trips, interactive classroom and STEM activities, tools to reach parents, CTE training success videos and much more.

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Additional Contacts
An eduFACTOR membership includes a campus-wide license. This means each of the educators at one school location can receive their own login credentials. If you would like to add more educators to your membership, add them below. if you do not know the names of the educators, you can always add them later.

Disclaimer: By including their contact information, you authorize NIMS, Edge Factor and the Gene Haas Foundation to contact the educators listed.
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